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Environmental protection 

At Halitus, we understand that ensuring healthy lives requires more than a powerful healthcare system. In fact, most of our health outcomes are determined by factors outside of the healthcare system, such as, for example, our environment.

Since human, animal, and planetary health are intertwined, we subscribe to the notion that—aside from a moral imperative—it is in our very own interest as humanity to protect and preserve the environment that we live in.

Hence, we see it as our responsibility as a budding medical company to do our best to protect the environment. 


Halitus has set itself the goal of designing its products, procurement, and production processes in an environmentally friendly manner with the aim of conserving natural resources. We furthermore design our own products to be more sustainable than our competitors', may it be that they produce less waste, are more durable, or avoid unnecessary and more resource consuming tests. We pledge to make environmental KPIs part of our rigorous product evaluations.


We take responsibility for the environmental compatibility of the products we manufacture. We are committed to manufacturing our products so that their production generates as little waste and emissions as possible.

We pledge to

  • design our production process in an environmentally friendly way - especially with regard to energy efficiency, water consumption, and the use of other resources,

  • avoid waste generation and emissions,

  • recycle unavoidable waste,

  • design our products for durability and low-maintenance needs,

  • constantly seek ways of improving efficiency in the energy use of our devices (although our products are already not energy-intensive).


Towards this end, we will include the consumption of energy and water, the emission of greenhouse gases and the generation of waste as part of our supplier due diligence and monitor these aspects for all our production processes.

Waste management

In order to conserve natural resources, Max Auer has set itself the goal of avoiding waste. Where this is not technically possible, waste is collected separately and handed over to appropriate companies in the recycling industry for processing or reuse. If recycling is not possible, we ensure environmentally friendly disposal by selected specialist companies.


The Halitus management team pledges to avoid any unnecessary travel for business. Where it is not avoidable, the team will seek the reasonably feasible alternative with the lowest emissions.


Where we are unable to operate at zero emissions, we pledge to offset the emissions of our devices along their entire lifecycle and of our company's activities.

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