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The Team

Who We Are

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Dr. Sven Jungmann

Co-Founder & CEO

“As a physician, I cherished every life touched, every suffering eased; yet I yearned for more - a greater, scalable social impact. I dreamt of a world where my own reach was not limited by the confines of time or distance, where every doctor could harness the power of technology to multiply their healing touch. Today, this dream takes shape through our machine olfaction company, where we strive to equip hundreds of thousands of doctors worldwide with our pioneering technology, thereby transforming patient care. We are crafting a future where technology and compassion converge, redefining the boundaries of what we, as physicians, can achieve for our patients. And now, we’re even moving further to transform industries outside healthcare that affect our health, such as CleanTech.”

Dr. Sergey Davydov

Co-Founder & CTO

"As an engineer, each cell of my brain thrives on solving complex problems, relishing the interplay between precise photonics and gas mixture dynamics — two fields as fascinating as they are diverse. I could have applied my work — teaching optical machines the sense of smell — to any number of domains, all equally intriguing and intellectually stimulating. Yet, my heart pulls me towards something more. My transhumanist beliefs, my desire to make the world a better place compel me to create not just for the sake of creation but to have a profound and enduring impact on humanity. For this reason, I have dedicated my life to healthcare. Despite its complexities, despite being perhaps the most difficult market to venture into, it is here that I have chosen to stake my claim. The challenges may be many, but the potential to change lives is unparalleled — it is here, in this confluence of science, engineering, and empathy, that I find my true calling."

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Matthew Grimot

Co-founder & CBDO

"In every breath we analyze, I see the opportunity to touch lives and shape the path of humanity. Our technology, for me, is more than just an innovation—it's deeply personal and a reflection of my dedication. Leveraging my expertise in business and strategy development, I am committed to guiding our team in transforming health and wellbeing for numerous individuals. This knowledge, that our work has the potential to significantly alter the future of healthcare, moves and inspires me daily. With each strategic decision, we're not only building a company, we're architecting a future teeming with health and hope."

Sergey Repenko

Co-founder and CFO

"As the finance specialist, I find my purpose in the interplay of numbers and strategy. My abilities could've flourished in numerous fields, yet I chose healthcare for its unparalleled impact potential. Despite its challenges, it is in this convergence of finance and compassion that I find my calling. We're not merely forging a business, but sculpting a future where financial insight fuels technological breakthroughs for worldwide healing. It's here, where numbers and empathy unite, we redefine our collective achievements for humanity."

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